The True Value of CAD-CAM Training from BobCAD-CAM


The value of good CAD-CAM training goes far beyond dollars and cents. Adequate training with your CAD-CAM software means you are actually using it to its full potential, getting the most out of your investment. As software becomes more sophisticated in CNC machine programming, being well trained in it starts to become the difference between leading the competition and playing catch-up. Just a few hours of training will shave many hours off of your learning curve and provide direct answers to questions specific to you and your machine.

BobCAD-CAM knows the importance of good training which is why they offer several forms it. We offer training in the following ways:
Training Videos

  • BobCAD-CAM gives users many comprehensive training videos to choose from. You can buy software-specific videos from our website or we also offer free video tutorials on YouTube and BobCAD-CAM AfterDark

Training Seminars 

  • On-Site Seminars
    • BobCAD-CAM professionals will come to your shop, allowing you and your employees to get the same training at the same time.
  • Online Seminars
    • Our online training is conveniently done in hourly increments to better fit your schedule, minimizing disruption from production.
  • In-House Seminars
    • Join us at our office in sunny Clearwater, Florida, for a wide selection of standard CNC programming and CAD coursework or create a personalized curriculum with our team that specifically fits your needs.
  • 3-Day Local Seminar
    • Our 3-day CAD-CAM training seminars are scheduled well in advance and are offered at various locations around the country.


  • Participate an online demo with other people in your industry and discuss various pertinent topics with one of our tech professionals.

To sum things up, I will let you hear from Josh Kooistra of Heritage by Design. He took part in one of our 3-day training seminars and had this to say: “I wanted to let you know what a great training program you have. Your trainer really has a way of teaching things so you can understand. The in-class practice of drawing and posting parts was extremely helpful. By doing them in class, it ensured that we understood the operations before moving on to the next function. Day three was the highlight, with questions and answers and the trainer helping work with the parts that I, as a CAD programmer and operator, work on back at the shop. I found this class to be extremely helpful and informative and would recommend it to anyone. You get 5 stars!” If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does! But don’t just take our word for it, I implore you to visit our website and see for yourself all the great resources we have here at BobCAD-CAM to get users programming and cutting with greater confidence than ever.

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