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A Brief Overview of CNC Plasma Machines and the CAD-CAM Software They Use

Over time, CNC Plasma machines have rapidly evolved from their 2 Axis machining capabilities to more sophisticated Multiaxis CNC machining capabilities of 4 & 5 Axes. This progression is primarily thanks to the technological advances of CAD-CAM software in the last 20 years or so. Originally pioneered in the 1950s, Plasma Cutting quickly evolved to replace much of the oxyfuel-based steel cutting done into the late ‘70s. As we rolled into the 1990s, Plasma machining became more of the process that we know, use and understand today. Currently, most Plasma machines work by using a torch composed of gas or air that is ignited with an electrical arc to create the plasma. Plasma is then forced through a small nozzle, capable of cutting steel up to several inches thick.
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