Pro CAD-CAM Tip: Isolate Geometry Using Layers


Did you know you can isolate geometry by putting it on its own layer in your CAD-CAM software? Check it out!

Go to the layer manager, right click, add a new layer and give it a name. Now, make it active.
Select layer in CAD-CAM
From here, select the geometry you want to isolate. Go to selection mode and we will click on this bottom cube here.
Isolate geometry in CAD-CAM
Right-click your CAD image, modify attributes, layer and then choose the layer you want to move the geometry to.
modify attributes in CAM software
Want a different way to move geometry? You can use this icon here (dragging the toolbar in red circle).
select in cad-cam
Once you have the model selected, you can do ‘move layer to current’. The layer being modified is circled in red.
change layer in CAD-CAM
Now that you have moved your geometry to a different layer, you are able to turn other layers on and off (similar to Photoshop) as necessary to isolate just what you want to see, when you want to see it. To learn more tips and tricks like this, click here!
Turn layers on/off in CAM software

Want to try isolating geometry on different layers yourself? Download a free CAD-CAM software demo by clicking HERE.

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