Newly Designed Interface in BobCAD-CAM’s V31 CNC Software


The release of BobCAD’s V31 CNC software has stepped away from the antiquated toolbars, and layered menus of the old Windows applications, instead, opting to go with a more modern, ribbon-style interface.

home 31 cad-cam ribbon bar
What Makes the Ribbon Interface Better?
Discoverability- Previous toolbar applications were set up so you had to learn what each icon meant, meaning you probably spent a lot of time digging through what you don’t need to find what you do. With the new V31 ribbon-style interface, user’s functions are much more organized & each button has both an icon and a label. This makes the functions easier to find and way easier to learn the meaning of the icon.
Organization- In the past, you were limited to a single size and simple row with toolbars before. Commands in the new V31 are logically organized, making them much quicker to find & with logically grouped commands. The benefit? Getting what you need with less clicks.
Scalability- Everything you may need is on the ribbon in one place. As the software grows, users will find it way easier to locate new commands in groups they already have familiarity with.


If you are interested in trying out the new interface from BobCAD’s V31 CAM software, download a CAD-CAM trial HERE!

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