New Lathe Features in BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ V6


BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ software for CNC lathe features a new, completely rebuilt system in version 6. Easily set advanced 2 axis toolpaths for OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, boring, drilling, and cutoffs. With enhancements to the feature types and new toolpath additions to every single operation, this is simply the most easily understood, powerful and flexible system ever offered by BobCAD-CAM.

Here’s a list of new and dynamic features that our customers will benefit from:
Spun Profile for Lathe Features- Complicated parts can make it hard to find the overall outline of the part to machine on a lathe. With Spun Profile, this is now done automatically by simply selecting the model and BobCAM will pull the overall outline of the part to use as the feature geometry.
Stock Tracking- Goodbye air cuts! With stock tracking, users now have the ability to assign operational stock to lathe operations, focusing cuts on the stock itself. We go a step further by tracking the effects of each operation without the need to save the stock as a STL file, to then assign to particular operations. Used hand-in-hand with our Trim to Stock feature.
Trim to Stock- Trim away unwanted portions of toolpath by simple selection of a check box and BobCAM will now be able to trim away all air cuts, focusing only on stock.
New Lathe Tool and Holder Definitions- A complete rework of the lathe tools, including ISO standard insert definition, as well as easily created tool holders without the need to create geometry!
Feature Type and Regions- Once a feature is selected, choose the Feature Type and a Region. Feature types include OD, ID, Face, and Back Face. Regions are either 1 or 2.
Constraints- The constraints give the user the ability to define the area in which the toolpath will be generated without the need to trim and extend geometry.
Extension- This allows you to extend and trim the virtual feature geometry without the need to adjust the actual CAD geometry. Choose the Start/ End option, and then enter the values to trim and extend those virtual geometries along the chain.
Automatic removal of Undercuts- By selecting a check box in the Lathe Wizard, pick an entire chain for the feature geometry and select what should be left out, never needing to touch a CAD tool.
Rapid Plane- Allows users control over where the rapid motion to the feature ends.
End Face Feature- This new BobCAM feature makes facing off the part quick and easy without having to draw in additional geometry.
Groove Feature- Choose multiple grooves at one time, and even rotate the feature for grooves on an angle.
Rotate- Rotations of grooving features can be obtained by entering an angle or picking geometry to align the walls or the floor of the feature with.
This powerful CAM programming software is a complete CNC lathe solution for all of your simple and complex part turning jobs. Master BobCAM SOLIDWORKS™ V6 in no time with over 8 hours of our comprehensive and in depth video training. Plus, CAD training files to use with corresponding on-screen lessons. Our experts will have you programming and cutting your parts faster than ever.


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