Modular CAD-CAM Software Keeps Costs Down, Productivity High


So what is modular CAD-CAM software? Simply put, it allows different software functionalities to be accessed independently from one another. Integrated CAD and CAM is a great way for shops to run at peak performance and centralize all their programming and machining needs with the availability to upgrade the software functionality as needed. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

What Modular CAD-CAM Does for You
Most machine shops nowadays are operating with some sort of CNC machine(s) that require a CAM product to run it. Whether it’s a newer CNC machine that utilizes high-speed machining or it’s an older one that has been retrofitted, at the end of the day CAM software will be necessary for completing the automation process.

As manufacturing changes and diversifies for the better, shops will need more and more tools to increase production and accommodate the needs of more clients and more complex jobs. So, while CAD is the beginning point for your design, CAM applies to the methods or the “How” you will finish your part. BobCAD-CAM is an integrated CAD-CAM system that gives users both design or drawing technology for wireframe, surface or solid modeling, providing the entire suite of CAM machining features that are most desirable in the industry.

What makes CAD-CAM software modular is how the core structure of the software is designed. The first level can be added as a simple 2D or 2.5 Axis Milling system. The Milling modules will also work with other machines like CNC Routers, Waterjets, Plasmas, Lasers and Burning machines. This is due to the customizable post processing features within the software. Posting features can be altered for CNC machines that accept both G and M code.

Modular also extends into higher tiers of a core product, such as a shop that only has a need to do 3 Axis work today needing 4th Axis capabilities tomorrow for a more complex job. Shops can’t afford to turn away jobs due to a lack of technology available to them, which is why modular systems are so useful! Shops can add the necessary products “as needed”, thus solving the problem of not having adequate firepower to complete the job. Additionally, it helps you save a lot of money by spending it only on what you need. Seems pretty beneficial to me, don’t you agree?

To give a modular CAD-CAM system a try, click HERE, select your machine and experience the difference powerful, easy-to-use CAD-CAM software makes!

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