Mirroring Toolpath With CAD-CAM Software Saves You Time & Steps


Did you know you can mirror your multiaxis Toolpaths with CAM software? This allows users to program one side while mirroring it for the other, saving them time and steps. Let’s look at how.

Multiaxis surface-based Toolpaths in your CAM software makes mirroring easy. Right-click on the feature you want to manipulate and choose ‘edit’.
lock features in CAM software
From there, you want to go to the parameters menu, looking at the tabs that are available for you. The one we want to click on in this example is ‘roughing’.
mirror option in CNC software
There are multiple roughing options under the tab, but the one we want to turn on is ‘mirror’. Be mindful that you are mirroring on the appropriate plane, hitting ‘ok’ to continue. The final step is to recompute your Toolpath and your changes will be ready to take effect.
compute mirror toolpath in CAM software
Note: Mirroring is available for all of your 3, 4 and 5 Axis outputs.

Want to try mirroring your own Toolpath? Download a trial of industry-leading CAD-CAM software HERE.

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