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If you have a CNC manufacturing business then you clearly understand the importance of maintaining steady CNC production, staying lean and looking for ways to improve automation. Solutions that reduce cycle times, make programming easier, eliminate waste and give you more resources to command a competitive edge are always welcome. As CAD-CAM technology moves forward there are CNC programming features that could be exactly what you need right now. Here is a great resource for CAD-CAM specific technology papers to help you learn, grow and be successful.

cad-cam-z-level-roughing-toolpath-simulationHow CAD-CAM streamlines and Improves 3 Axis Roughing

Here is a prime example of CAD-CAM technology that speeds up the process of roughing, step reduction and supports improved part finishing. In this roughing process, one tool is used to greatly reduce the step affect that can occur when removing material stepping down a 3D contour. Here the tool reaches the bottom of a cavity and then reverses back up the side of the contour performing intermediate cuts to remove the large steps, back toward the top. The programmer can fully control the number of intermediate cuts that the tool makes all within the roughing operation. This CAD-CAM technology paper outlines the details of this special operation and its aspects along with its advantages.

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