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How’s Your Virtual “Over-The-Partition” Learning Network Helping You Get Clients & Make New CNC Money?

So it’s Wednesday morning and you have a job ready to go on the CNC machine and a design modification comes in that grinds the whole project to a stand-still. Now what? It’s a simple change to the design that requires a new toolpath strategy and NC program for your $100,000 CNC machine tool. Work holding…no problem! Tooling…no problem! Material…no problem! Let’s fix the part file and roll out some new cutter path and simulate it! But wait…you pull up the part file and have NO idea how to update the roughing and finishing paths and generate a new toolpath. The client is on the way over and your programmer is not there. And even if he is, what is your turn around time on this type of process modification? Whether it’s a simple one or a complex one, you know one thing and that is you have a CAD/CAM software product that you were told would “do it” no problem. You, and thousands of other programmers or shop owners, go through this regularly. Most of us would like to think or be in a situation where we could just “lean over the partition” and ask our neighboring colleague for some help, a quick tip, or that golden nugget of non-formal data that brings it all together.
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Full CAD/CAM Training Increases Employee Productivity

The true power and versatility of MultiAxis programming can only be harnessed with software training. Throughout the history of the CAD-CAM software industry, companies have boasted huge advancements in technology that save time and provide better designed and better machined parts. The reality is that no software or program can replace a skilled machinist. A well trained machinist is the necessary connection between designing and programming parts correctly and actually machining the part correctly.
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