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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using CAD-CAM System Simulations

CAD-CAM System Simulations: Break pixels, not $100,000 machines

Every machinist has experienced the negative impact of a machine collision or part gouge. Simple programming errors can amount to some pretty complex shop problems and bring productivity to a halt.

CAD CAM System Simulations CNC ProgrammingWhether you’re machining complex or simple parts, there is always the possibility for error. Gouges and collisions can be caused by any number of reasons including improper tool selection, fixture set up, or the more likely cause is a simple programming mistake. Depending on the severity of the collision or the value of the tool, the cost of programming errors can add up to pretty significant sums between repairs, replacements, and time-lost machining. Read More

The CAD-CAM Software Advantages – New 3D CNC Machine Toolpaths

Machinists and programmers working with 3-axis parts generally need high-level control to generate efficient toolpaths. Developing toolpaths for these complex processes can be a huge undertaking when working solely on a CNC machine without supportive design and process software. The CAD-CAM software advantages speak for themselves in terms of the exponential increase in control offered. The BobCAD-CAM Surface Based Toolpath is a surefire control solution for 3D machining because…
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2015 CAD-CAM Technology is Giving Manufacturers The Advantages They Need to Succeed

With 2015 manufacturing now in full swing, CAD-CAM automation is already proving to be a valuable tool for CNC businesses and metalworking machine shops. For these companies the game is always going to be about becoming more productive, lean, efficient and profitable. For productive machine shops, machine cycle times are always going to be a focus. The amount of time it takes to take a drawing and process it through the CNC machining phase and onward to the finished part in the hands of a buyer. This was exactly what Sinister Wheel in Turlock, CA looked at as a manufacturing business with production challenges that needed to be improved.
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CAD-CAM Technology in 2015 for CNC Machine Programming

CAD-CAM technology will give manufacturing big advantages in 2015. Manufacturing businesses are seeking CNC automation technology as a resource to stay lean, productive and profitable in CNC metalworking. Integrated CAD-CAM software provides solutions that range from 2.5 Axis machine toolpath programming to 3, 4 & 5 Axis 3D CNC programming. CAD-CAM is found in many industries throughout global manufacturing sectors that include Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Jewelry, Rapid Prototyping and Consumer Product Manufacturing to effectively streamline and improve the manufacturing and CNC machine programming process.
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CAD-CAM Software with Tools Tools and More Tools

CAD-CAM software offers tool data via customizable libraries that add background intelligence to creating toolpath and the right NC program for your machine tool. How does it all work in popular CAD-CAM? Keep reading to learn more.
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5 Ways To Make CAD-CAM Implementation Easy

Getting started with a CAD-CAM product can sometimes be challenging when going about it on your own. Because CAD-CAM is such an important aspect of any shops CNC machining productivity, profitability and success we wanted to provide some assistance to help you get started. While these 5 elements are not everything, they are important and if followed, your shop will be well on its way to achieving improved productivity in CNC programming with less down time due to implementation challenges.

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High Speed CAD-CAM Technology Helps Manufacturer Increase Production, Quality & Profitability

KPI Machining in Illinois Uses High Speed CAD-CAM Technology To Increase Production, Quality & Profitability

It is no mystery to Eric Pine, Production Manager of KPI Machining in Sheridan Illinois that to stay lean, productive and profitable in their CNC machining while turning out quality parts, they turn to cutting edge CAD/CAM technology to give them an edge. “KPI Machining, Inc. is more than just another machine shop. We take pride in our work. Utilizing a planned, organized approach to every job, we assure high quality, reduced lead-times and offer reasonable costs”, comments the company. KPI Machining is a job shop that produces CNC milled and CNC turned components with an emphasis on producing low quantity orders (1-500 parts). KPI offers a variety of services and capabilities in precision machining and much of their focus is on general milling and 3D machining towards their Haas VF3.

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What is CAD-CAM Software

CAD-CAM stands for Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing.

CAD-CAM Software This software is widely used for drawing 2D & 3D shapes, things that will later be translated into a machine language (CAM) such as “G-Code. This numeric code is then sent to the machine tool such as a milling machine or a lathe typically via an RS 232 Communications cable. CAD software in todays market is much more capable than even 10 years ago. Originally, drafting software was primarily 2 dimensional until the 1980’s when solid modeling technology was made available for personal desktop computers. Complete assembly models can be constructed piece by piece as 3D models and assembled in a Parametric Design tree within the software interface. If one aspect of the model is changed, associated component models can be updated to properly reflect change. Building and editing solids and surfaces is much easier with a modern Parametric modeling solution.

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CAD-CAM Software – High Speed CNC Machining

When it comes to CNC machining time is money. This is where High Speed Machining really delivers. That’s why professionals like Ken Herring, legendary race car design engineer trust BobCAD-CAM to fill the need for speed by reducing cycle times and cut any part faster than ever before.
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Top 10 Advantages in 2014 to Using CAD-CAM in the CNC Manufacturing Process

cad-cam-high-speed-machiningCAD-CAM software is used by thousands of CNC Machine shops around the world for its advantages in CNC manufacturing. CAD-CAM software is found in shops both small and large througout America and in other countries because in order to stay competitive and productive you have to have and use it. From Design to machining strategies and g-code programming, CAD-CAM has many advantages.
Here are 10 of the top advantages in 2014 to adding CAD-CAM software to your CNC toolkit.
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