How CAD-CAM Aides CNC Machining In Dentistry


CAD-CAM creations are a part of our everyday lives and have the ability to significantly impact us. From tattoo artists to dental offices, CAD-CAM software has become increasingly useful in a lot of industries. Dentists are utilizing CAD-CAM into their practices more and more to make products faster, and more affordable for their customers. Typically dentists will either use a subtractive process such as Milling or an additive process like 3D printing to get their desired parts. CAD-CAM dentistry came online in the mid-80’s, with products that were more novelty than practical, and at a much higher cost. Technological advances over the last few years have made this process much more affordable and more of a practical solution than a novelty.

CAD-CAM dental machine
What is Dental CAD-CAM?
The image (left) is courtesy of Digital Dental CAD-CAM and is the complete workstation/ CNC machine that is custom made to work within a dental office. This allows dental technicians to create things like dentures and crowns in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. CAD-CAM is primarily applied to dental restorations. The machine’s tool removes material, generally ceramic or composite resin, based on the CAD geometry input by the system. This allows the dental industry to perform restorations at a significantly lower cost and much faster than it would have taken to create manually. This subtractive process is the most common type of manufacturing process in dental CNC machining industry. There is a much smaller percentage of CAD-CAM users in the dental industry than general part making and metalworking manufacturers.
Do You Search CAD-CAM for CNC Metalworking?
If you search ‘CAD-CAM’ on a search engine, you will see that ‘Dental CAD-CAM’ is becoming more common. When you search ‘CAD-CAM software’ you will see a much different result. So why is this? If you’re a CNC business you may want to try searching for CAD-CAM software, CAM software, CAM system and CAD-CAM programming software. These are the searches that are most likely to give you design and CNC metalworking software results. While the computer-aided technology is similar, machine shops will be looking for Toolpath and CNC automation results. CNC machining operations can be optimized with Dynamic Machining Strategies and High-Speed Machining Toolpaths, like those offered from BobCAD-CAM. Computer-Aided technology continues to allow for incredible advancements in many industries, opening the door to more cost-effective and intelligent means of production.

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