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What are Dynamic Machining Strategies™?

CNC shops are always looking for faster, smarter and easier ways to program parts with the latest in CAD-CAM technologies. A significant attribute in CAM software is the Job Tree or CAM Tree Manager that allows the user to list out all of the machining strategies along with their parameters for cutting for a job, all within the software interface. Among CAM Tree features having to do with cutting conditions, tooling, post processing, material libraries and much more are the toolpath strategies themselves. An advantage in working with a CAM Tree is that machining strategies are easily accessible and sometimes “Wizard Driven” within CAD-CAM software. The wizard approach streamlines procedure and steps the user through process, removes programming guesswork and keeps machining input variables in proper order for the user to dictate what the toolpath outcome will be before actual cnc machining takes place.

cadcamsoftwareprocessA wizard is designed to provide a simplified workflow while continuing to give users the ability to control things themselves as they need to. An example of this is the tool page of the machining wizard which allows the programmer to use “system” tool parameters or override them such as the offsets, cutting feedrates, plunge feedrates or even adjust arc slowdown percentages for slowing down the cutting speeds as the tool approaches a corner amongst other important inputs. Wizards allow the user to make necessary changes on the fly without having to leave the wizard and edit variables in a VB script environment. Machining wizards also include parameters for toolpath linking, controlling options for tool lead-in and lead-outs, cutting direction controls for climb or conventional milling, toolpath offsets G41 or G42 and machining sequences along with the many other factors that go into determining the outcome of machine toolpath. Now we can introduce the latest achievements in CAD-CAM that includes what are now known as Dynamic Machining Strategies or DMS functionality in CAD-CAM CNC Software. Continue reading…

DMS Combines Technology with Ease of Use in CAM Programming

There is now a new and unique concept in CAM technology – Dynamic Machining Strategies™. DMS™ functionality allows users to apply any number of machining strategies to a single CAD model feature in the machining wizards of BobCAD-CAM cnc software.
Dynamic Machining Strategies
A “feature”, by definition, is part of the CAD model and pertains to the geometry. When a model is loaded, users may choose any combination of machining operations to machine for one feature. Therefore the process would be to select the machining (2, 3 axis etc.) to launch the wizard, select the appropriate CAD features (pocket geometry etc), choose any boundaries, progress through the wizard to the DMS page and load the appropriate machining strategies that are required and then edit the parameters of each within the wizard. The last action would be to compute all of the toolpaths for the operation. An example would be a 3 Axis job that requires an advanced roughing strategy, semi-finishing strategy and a finishing strategy along with a Pencil path at the end. This would be 4 strategies within 1 operation. The outcome is the same, however the user does not have to load each machining strategy individually and then select CAD features/geometry individually. Thus, a reduction in programming time is experienced. The CAM Tree will look cleaner as well.
The addition of DMS functionality improves programming workflow efficiency while continuing to allow the user control over how they want to program. New users benefit by not having so much to keep track of in terms of loading and editing machining strategies. DMS supports the concept of CAD-CAM programming automation through assigning CAM machining to CAD features (geometry) and streamlining the process. Free demos are available for download at www.bobcad.com.


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