Choosing The Right Software

Choosing The Right CAD/CAM For Success?

The projected manufacturing demographics for CNC shops and CNC machine consumption for 2017 tell us that shops between 1-19 employees are expected to grow by more than 50% this year. 5 Axis CNC Milling machine tool consumption is expected to see a staggering 276% increase over 2012 while horizontal machining centers following at a 118% increase. These projections tell us that cnc businesses are growing and they’re going to need to automate the manufacturing processes. Otherwise this growth will end up under-utilized and shops will not be as profitable as they could be.

Let’s face it, a CNC shop in 2017 without an offline CAD/CAM programming system to automate the process of part-making is like having to rub sticks together to build a fire. And even though many manufacturers already have a form of CAD-CAM implemented, not one CNC software system offers everything which leads these shops to having to add technology in order to meet all of their job requirements and remain competitive.

Even though some will argue, there is the fact that we all are still coming through the tail end of a tough economic decade. With that in mind, you will find many job shops faced with having to pay high dollar maintenance fees for their software. Do they use it enough to justify paying such costs just to stay current? And what percentage of those software users simply can’t afford to continue paying such fees when they are already somewhat productive? Then there is the subject of technical support costs and training costs that can pile up to the point of wanting to check your machine to see what canned cycles you can continue using for everything.

Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that time is just too valuable and this is what brings us to writing an article that will give you the knowledge to help bring your shop to peak performance, increase your CNC workflow efficiency and bring your part making capabilities up to par with the competition. All while empowering you so that you can start saving you money along the way.

We have created a valuable resource “5 Easy Steps To Choosing A CAD/CAM Product” document that you can have free of charge to start your successful CAD/CAM software discovery process today!


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