CAD-CAM Software and Feature Based Machining

Is it another CAM-Based term for Geometry-Machining?

Almost every manufacturing CNC shop deals with solid models. Decades of CAD Design technology advancements have allowed designers to create models faster, smarter and easier than ever before. In fact, Parametric CAD modeling has allowed designers to collaborate and make changes far easier than even 10 years ago. This is because CAD model components that make up a model assembly contain the data necessary to edit and “update” complete assemblies within the blink of an eye. A decade ago there were few design products that offered such capabilities that included stress and heat analysis among other benefits. Todays design systems allow you to collaborate freely, pass data back and forth from designer to designer with construction, feature and change histories including full detail as to what each component is. This is the future of innovation happening right now. But how does CAM take advantage of such power and flexibility? Is Feature Based CAM really Feature Based CAM? The answer is yes…..and no. Continue reading…

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