New Lathe Features in BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ V6

BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ software for CNC lathe features a new, completely rebuilt system in version 6. Easily set advanced 2 axis toolpaths for OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, boring, drilling, and cutoffs. With enhancements to the feature types and new toolpath additions to every single operation, this is simply the most easily understood, powerful and flexible system ever offered by BobCAD-CAM.
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CAM Software… Do More in Less Time

Getting the most from your CAM system means, first, getting the most from your CAM software. As shops continue to stay ahead of the competition through means of production, the speed at which your CAM software calculates toolpaths can mean all the difference. Taking on more challenging, complex and profitable CNC jobs can only mean one thing: investing in the latest CAD-CAM software technology. Time is money while programming parts to be machined which is why it’s critical to have not only the best software, but also the best hardware available.
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How CAD-CAM CNC Machine Simulation is Revolutionizing Business

Every manufacturer looks for ways to become more efficient and profitable. That means more productivity and less waste. CAD-CAM CNC machine simulation is a perfect way to end the days of wasted parts because you had to scrap them due to programming errors.

CNC Machine Simulation Overview
Steady advances in CNC Machine Simulation over the last decade has made it a critical aspect in offline programming for businesses who want to eliminate costly mistakes at the machine. Simulation allows operators to imitate their exact machine’s kinematics, avoiding collisions with tools, tool holders and machine components. CNC software has seen many improvements over time, becoming more accessible and affordable than ever.
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The Advantages of CAD-CAM Software CNC Simulation

Machine shops save hundreds of hours every month when they use CAD-CAM Software because of the time savings features that it offers. These same shops save money by not scrapping parts because they used CAD-CAM Simulation. Learn more here…
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G-Code Software for CNC Machine Programming

G-Code software for programming CNC machine jobs has an important role in the success of a machine shops success in both productivity and the quality of parts being produced. CAD-CAM providers look at how a shop handles the workflow from when a job comes in to how the job is finished on the CNC machines. CAD-CAM technology is often times used from the quoting of CNC jobs to the handling of CAD file data and then used 100% of the time in calculating machine toolpaths and creating the NC programs for the machine tools to stay productive and making revenue. Parts can be produced faster and more affordably now than ever before in the past because of G-Code software technology.
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CAD-CAM Software Helps Manufacturer Make Inspirational Products

BobCAD-CAM software is used to make a wide variety of parts ranging from commonly used consumer products to unique and inspirational parts. Such is the case at Architectural Renaissance Techniques in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Owner, Jimmy Hintzke, has specialized in custom metalwork and woodwork for more than 20 years. The company prides themselves on their dedication to fine quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. Their intent is to craft the finest products anywhere. They’ve separated their business from the competition by establishing a diverse product offering with low-overhead and the capacity to utilize technology while paying respect to the artisans of old.
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CAD CAM Value of Using Custom Tools for CNC Simulation

CAD-CAM Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing software stands to provide CNC-Metalworking shops big advantages on parts manufacturing. One of the CAD-CAM Advantages is the ability to create highly efficient CNC toolpath for cutting. Another is the process of CNC Simulation to visualize and inspect the machining process. While flat, ball and bullnose cutting tools are very common, shops also need to use custom form type tools. Thus, they need them to be used in the simulation process. Here is an example of CAD-CAM that supports custom form tools.
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Learn How CAD-CAM Optimizes The CNC Process With Free Technology Papers

If you have a CNC manufacturing business then you clearly understand the importance of maintaining steady CNC production, staying lean and looking for ways to improve automation. Solutions that reduce cycle times, make programming easier, eliminate waste and give you more resources to command a competitive edge are always welcome. As CAD-CAM technology moves forward there are CNC programming features that could be exactly what you need right now. Here is a great resource for CAD-CAM specific technology papers to help you learn, grow and be successful.
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CAD-CAM – Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing Software

CAD-CAM is Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing

multiaxis-high-speed-machine-simulation-cad-camThis software is widely used for drawing 2D & 3D shapes, things that will later be translated into a machine language (CAM) such as “G-Code. This numeric code is then sent to the machine tool such as a milling machine or a lathe typically via an RS 232 Communications cable. CAD design software in todays market is much more capable than even 10 years ago. Originally, drafting software was primarily 2 dimensional until the 1980’s when solid modeling technology was made available for personal desktop computers. Complete assembly models can be constructed piece by piece as 3D models and assembled in a Parametric Design tree within the software interface. If one aspect of the model is changed, associated component models can be updated to properly reflect change. Building and editing solids and surfaces is much easier with a modern Parametric modeling solution.
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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using CAD-CAM System Simulations

CAD-CAM System Simulations: Break pixels, not $100,000 machines

Every machinist has experienced the negative impact of a machine collision or part gouge. Simple programming errors can amount to some pretty complex shop problems and bring productivity to a halt.

CAD CAM System Simulations CNC ProgrammingWhether you’re machining complex or simple parts, there is always the possibility for error. Gouges and collisions can be caused by any number of reasons including improper tool selection, fixture set up, or the more likely cause is a simple programming mistake. Depending on the severity of the collision or the value of the tool, the cost of programming errors can add up to pretty significant sums between repairs, replacements, and time-lost machining. Read More