Modular CAD-CAM Software Keeps Costs Down, Productivity High

So what is modular CAD-CAM software? Simply put, it allows different software functionalities to be accessed independently from one another. Integrated CAD and CAM is a great way for shops to run at peak performance and centralize all their programming and machining needs with the availability to upgrade the software functionality as needed. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.
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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your CNC Shop Successful

When it comes to running a machine shop that is productive and profitable, there are a few different ways to achieve that. They range from the obvious to the not so obvious; maybe you even have your own secret recipe for success. Whatever the case may be, below are 5 simple tips to keep your CNC shop turning and burning!
Knowledgeable CAD-CAM Engineers
It’s no secret that finding experienced, qualified machinists are dwindling. The younger generation is less involved in manufacturing, leaving a void. This is why it is so vital to have a CAD-CAM engineer with experience, eliminating the pain of the learning curve. Operators with experience can accept more, complex jobs, which will hopefully, in turn, create a customer loyalty.
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How CAD-CAM Aides CNC Machining In Dentistry

CAD-CAM creations are a part of our everyday lives and have the ability to significantly impact us. From tattoo artists to dental offices, CAD-CAM software has become increasingly useful in a lot of industries. Dentists are utilizing CAD-CAM into their practices more and more to make products faster, and more affordable for their customers. Typically dentists will either use a subtractive process such as Milling or an additive process like 3D printing to get their desired parts. CAD-CAM dentistry came online in the mid-80’s, with products that were more novelty than practical, and at a much higher cost. Technological advances over the last few years have made this process much more affordable and more of a practical solution than a novelty.
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Save Time and Money with CAD-CAM Sheet Optimizing and Nesting

Manufacturers use CAD-CAM software because the automation saves them time, lowers cost and streamlines the machining process in a way that produces parts quicker and more efficiently. Machinists understand that the best way to improve profitability is to reduce waste. Reducing material-related expenses and cutting down on wasted materials can easily be achieved with Nesting software. Nesting produces a series of shapes in an efficient way on one or more sheets of material to determine the most amount of material that can be cut with the least amount of leftovers. Shops that run CNC Routing, Waterjet, Laser, Plasma and CNC Burning machines generally have a need to nest a series of parts on sheets of material to get the results they desire.
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How CAM Software Surface Based Toolpaths Can Improve CNC Machining

Surface based Toolpaths are extremely powerful and effective solutions for many difficult 3 Axis machining jobs. Getting familiar with the intricate strategies of CAM software surface based Toolpaths can be the toughest learning curve, but becoming familiar with them allows shops to take on more complex jobs. The advantages of surface based CAD-CAM include the following:
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Effective 2D CAD-CAM for CNC Machining

When it comes to 2D CAD-CAM solutions, faster and smarter options are always desired when programming and cutting parts. CAD-CAM software plays a key role in CNC machining success nowadays, providing CNC automation that is efficient, safe and takes the fastest route to machining your parts.
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CAD-CAM Software Delivers Effective High-Speed Machining

It’s hardly a secret that CAD-CAM software is the driver behind quality, high-speed machining. Machinists have been known to see CNC production increases from their CAM programming by as much as 50 percent or greater. CAD-CAM software that offers high-speed Toolpath strategies opens the door for shops to do more complex CNC work is less time, which in turn will lead to higher, more frequent financial returns. Before I go into detail about why you should be programming with CAD-CAM software that offers high-speed Toolpath strategies, let’s explore how that concept came about.
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A Brief Overview of CNC Plasma Machines and the CAD-CAM Software They Use

Over time, CNC Plasma machines have rapidly evolved from their 2 Axis machining capabilities to more sophisticated Multiaxis CNC machining capabilities of 4 & 5 Axes. This progression is primarily thanks to the technological advances of CAD-CAM software in the last 20 years or so. Originally pioneered in the 1950s, Plasma Cutting quickly evolved to replace much of the oxyfuel-based steel cutting done into the late ‘70s. As we rolled into the 1990s, Plasma machining became more of the process that we know, use and understand today. Currently, most Plasma machines work by using a torch composed of gas or air that is ignited with an electrical arc to create the plasma. Plasma is then forced through a small nozzle, capable of cutting steel up to several inches thick.
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The True Value of CAD-CAM Training from BobCAD-CAM

The value of good CAD-CAM training goes far beyond dollars and cents. Adequate training with your CAD-CAM software means you are actually using it to its full potential, getting the most out of your investment. As software becomes more sophisticated in CNC machine programming, being well trained in it starts to become the difference between leading the competition and playing catch-up. Just a few hours of training will shave many hours off of your learning curve and provide direct answers to questions specific to you and your machine.
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BobCAD-CAM V30 Multiaxis Milling Provides Absolute Control

Upgrades to Multiaxis Milling in BobCAD-CAM V30 has brought some strong improvements to an already strong CAM software. Automation and unsurpassed control are some defining qualities of these latest enhancements to our 4 & 5 Axis machining CNC software. Multiaxis Milling from BobCAD-CAM gives machinists their best products possible, no matter the size of the job or shop.
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