Newly Designed Interface in BobCAD-CAM’s V31 CNC Software

The release of BobCAD’s V31 CNC software has stepped away from the antiquated toolbars, and layered menus of the old Windows applications, instead, opting to go with a more modern, ribbon-style interface.
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BobCAD’s V31 CAM Software Plunge Roughing Routine Makes It Easy to Remove Hard Material

As many of your out there know, a good way to quickly rough hard material in a plunge roughing operation. There are many benefits to implementing this approach and BobCAD’s new V31 CAM software offers users multiple ways to accomplish this for 2-5 axis part programming.
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BobCAD-CAM Releases Latest CAD-CAM Software: V31

BobCAD-CAM announced on August 22, 2018, that their latest software, V31, is available for sale to the public. V31 stepped away from the antiquated toolbars and layered menus of the old Windows applications and breathed new life into the software by integrating a modern, Ribbon-style user interface. Not only is BobCAD-CAM’s Version 31 release introducing significant power for both the CAD and CAM side of things, they also upgraded the entire customer experience to be more intuitive and modern.
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Mirroring Toolpath With CAD-CAM Software Saves You Time & Steps

Did you know you can mirror your multiaxis Toolpaths with CAM software? This allows users to program one side while mirroring it for the other, saving them time and steps. Let’s look at how.
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Pro CAD-CAM Tip: Minimize Retracts

Did you know you can minimize your retracts, keeping your tool down between passes instead of going to clearance every pass? Here is how it works:
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Pro CAD-CAM Tip: Isolate Geometry Using Layers

Did you know you can isolate geometry by putting it on its own layer in your CAD-CAM software? Check it out!
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CAD-CAM Buyer’s Guide: Mill 4 Axis Standard vs Mill 4 Axis Professional

Users who are doing 3 Axis work on a 4 Axis machine, utilizing the rotary for positioning, will find products like BobCAD-CAM’s Mill Standard to be most effective. Machinists that are performing full simultaneous 4 Axis work will find their Mill Professional module to be more to their liking. With that being said, which module is right for your shop? Let’s look at these 2 and highlight the benefits both modules provide to the user.
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Modular CAD-CAM Software Keeps Costs Down, Productivity High

So what is modular CAD-CAM software? Simply put, it allows different software functionalities to be accessed independently from one another. Integrated CAD and CAM is a great way for shops to run at peak performance and centralize all their programming and machining needs with the availability to upgrade the software functionality as needed. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.
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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your CNC Shop Successful

When it comes to running a machine shop that is productive and profitable, there are a few different ways to achieve that. They range from the obvious to the not so obvious; maybe you even have your own secret recipe for success. Whatever the case may be, below are 5 simple tips to keep your CNC shop turning and burning!
Knowledgeable CAD-CAM Engineers
It’s no secret that finding experienced, qualified machinists are dwindling. The younger generation is less involved in manufacturing, leaving a void. This is why it is so vital to have a CAD-CAM engineer with experience, eliminating the pain of the learning curve. Operators with experience can accept more, complex jobs, which will hopefully, in turn, create a customer loyalty.
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