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Getting the most from your CAM system means, first, getting the most from your CAM software. As shops continue to stay ahead of the competition through means of production, the speed at which your CAM software calculates toolpaths can mean all the difference. Taking on more challenging, complex and profitable CNC jobs can only mean one thing: investing in the latest CAD-CAM software technology. Time is money while programming parts to be machined which is why it’s critical to have not only the best software, but also the best hardware available.


Does your CAM software have ‘multi-threaded’ toolpaths?
If you have ever programmed a part, only to click ‘calculate’ and reluctantly go home for the night, then you aren’t getting the most from your CAM software. Multi-threaded toolpath technology calculates complex toolpaths in minutes rather than hours. Programming toolpaths that have tight step-overs at high tolerances will see a sped up process with higher quality finishes.

Does your hardware match your programming demands?

The latest and greatest CAD-CAM CNC software is only as good as the hardware you couple it with. Sometimes the type of graphics card that is used can make all the difference; ATI® or NVIDIA® graphics cards with dedicated memory are recommended. Additionally, the graphics card software driver must be updated to the current software driver released by the graphics card manufacturer for best results. The processing speed of your computer is another critical element for CNC shops seeking performance; generally Intel® or AMD® 2GHz processors are sufficient.

New features in BobCAD-CAM V30 include Network Licensing and Mill 3 Axis Premium comes ready to go with multi-threaded toolpath technology; calculate complex toolpaths faster, smarter and easier than ever.

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