CAD-CAM Technology in 2015 for CNC Machine Programming


CAD-CAM technology will give manufacturing big advantages in 2015. Manufacturing businesses are seeking CNC automation technology as a resource to stay lean, productive and profitable in CNC metalworking. Integrated CAD-CAM software provides solutions that range from 2.5 Axis machine toolpath programming to 3, 4 & 5 Axis 3D CNC programming. CAD-CAM is found in many industries throughout global manufacturing sectors that include Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Jewelry, Rapid Prototyping and Consumer Product Manufacturing to effectively streamline and improve the manufacturing and CNC machine programming process.

The following infographic outlines unique CAD-CAM values that are provided by BobCAD-CAM in their latest v27 CAD-CAM software.

2015 CAD-CAM Technology700
CAD-CAM software will continue to become more intelligent in Roughing and Finishing operations. The Dynamic Machining Strategies™ in BobCAD-CAM allows the machinist the ability to combine multiple machining operations that are assigned to a single CAD feature and there are many other benefits and advantages to using CAD-CAM.

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