CAD-CAM Success Story: John Hashey


John Hashey cnc machine programmingJohn Hashey – a tattoo artist, teacher, cnc machinist, and United States Marine Corps Veteran – uses BobCAD V25 to design and create his own line of tattoo machines, as well as work on other cnc machine projects for his manufacturing business American Veteran Manufacturing. Hashey’s studio and machine shop are located just a few miles away from BobCAD-CAM’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

Hashey is using the tattoo machines that he designed and machined in BobCAD in his tattoo shop, Arty Joe’s, and in his Advanced School of Permanent Cosmetics, as well as selling his line to other tattoo shops. Hashey told us that making his own tattoo machines is essential. “We want everything 100 percent US made, everything made by our hands.”

When asked which features of BobCAD and BobART he uses, Hashey replied, “We use just about everything, from a sketch all the way to the finished product.”

John Hashey AVM cnc machined plaque“My cousin owns a company called Lighthouse foods and we took his logo right from a business card and we are now cutting it out of solid brass and solid aluminum, just like the photograph. I haven’t found any [other] software that will do that.”

“The guys at BobCAD, the tech support, Mike, the post processing department with Al – all those guys are fantastic. I’m not saying this on a cuff, I’m a retired marine – I say it like it is, those guys… they do a great job.”

“BobCAD has saved us hundreds and hundreds of hours… It’s enhanced my business, it saves me a lot of money, but more importantly, it’s allowing us to get big contracts with big companies and make 100 percent US made products.”

John Hashey |Owner
Arty Joe’s Inc Tattoo Supplies
Advanced School of Permanent Cosmetics
American Veterans Manufacturing

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