CAD-CAM Software with Tools Tools and More Tools


CAD-CAM software offers tool data via customizable libraries that add background intelligence to creating toolpath and the right NC program for your machine tool. How does it all work in popular CAD-CAM? Keep reading to learn more.

Take BobCAD-CAM CNC programming software as an example. The CAD-CAM product offers you many different ways to setup your tooling when programming parts. The BobCAD-CAM product comes with a standard tool library loaded with common tool sizes and types. You can add to this library as you go keeping and archive of all the tooling you’ve used or may use in your shop. But hold on, that’s a lot of tools to choose from, do you really have to pick tool from the library on every job? No, no you don’t. BobCAD-CAM also has a tool crib, just like your shop which is important. This tool crib is created as you program your jobs, or before you get started. You can save your crib at the end of a job or load one right from the start.

What if you don’t want to setup a tool crib or the library? Can you create tools on the fly? Yes, you can. The BobCAD-CAM system allows you to un-check the system tool check box allowing you to edit your tool information. Information like Diameter, flute length, corner radius, number of flutes, overall length and protrusion length which can all be edited on the fly.
So as a recap, if you use the BobCAD-CAM software product, when choosing tools for your machining operations you can pick tools from the library, pick tools from a tool crib or create tool sizes easily on the fly.

For more information on the BobCAD-CAM software you can call 727-442-3554 or 877-262-2231.

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