CAD-CAM Software Helps Manufacturer Make Inspirational Products


BobCAD-CAM software is used to make a wide variety of parts ranging from commonly used consumer products to unique and inspirational parts. Such is the case at Architectural Renaissance Techniques in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Owner, Jimmy Hintzke, has specialized in custom metalwork and woodwork for more than 20 years. The company prides themselves on their dedication to fine quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. Their intent is to craft the finest products anywhere. They’ve separated their business from the competition by establishing a diverse product offering with low-overhead and the capacity to utilize technology while paying respect to the artisans of old.

CAD-CAM user Architectural Renaissance Techniques Manufacturer Uses CAD-CAM to Create Inspiration

“This year, I retire with over 30 years service,” explained company owner, Jimmy Hintzke. “Those years engrained uncompromising standards and the ability to quickly identify and implement innovative solutions. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve. Up until recently, we served a very select market. In those lanes, we have been honored to make items that were presented to the President of the United States, families of some of our fallen, military and agency leaders, international partners, schools, foundations, businesses and our nations finest military members.”

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One of the company’s product lines includes three-dimensional logo work for businesses. “A customer can provide us with a small example that can fit in the palm of my hand,” Jimmy explains. From there, his team designs and manufactures a large-scale version. “BobCAD enables us to build the files and assemble the piece in a timely manner.” The picture here shows Jimmy, his son, his brother-in-law, and an example of one of their three-dimensional logo pieces. The part was created with BobCAD-CAM on a plasma table out of 1/8” cold rolled steel.

james-hintzke-company-signworkAt the end of last year the company was asked to make this sign for a local school. Jimmy says, “We were provided a very complex logo. After discussions with the customer, we decided to make the sign 6” in diameter. The precision required the use of a waterjet. Over the next week, we drew the files in BobCAD-CAM. Everything was nested to maximize material use and reduce job time. The quality of our files impressed the local waterjet company.” This is a picture of the sign, Jimmy’s son, and a close friend who works at the school. It was made with BobCAD-CAM on a waterjet out of 1/8” aluminum and then powder coated.

When examining their shop, you’ll notice they’ve built all over their own machines. Currently, they have a 5’x8’ CNC plasma table that has a water bed as well as a ball screw wood mill. They run the BobCAD-CAM software every day. However, prior to using the BobCAD-CAM CNC programming software, things were not always as easy.

cnc-plasma machine with cad-camJimmy explains, “Prior to using BobCAD, I would draw and cut everything by hand. It was incredibly time consuming, inaccurate and impractical. I could make things for people, but it was a hobby and would never be a serious source of income. Also, because my technique was very artistic, it precluded me from having assistants or employees.” He continues, “BobCAD changed everything. The training CDs made learning the program practical. I now have the ability to quickly produce world-class products. Those files can be run by my employees which allows me to focus on future projects and the finesse points of our products.”
BobCAD-CAM software completes the bridge from innovation to the CNC machine tool. Features exist to import 2D & 3D CAD files and edit them or use any of the 200+ wireframe, surface or solid modeling functions to fully design parts before even opening CAM. Advanced CAM wizards are designed to remove the guesswork and step the operator through the toolpath and machining process. Thus, streamlining productivity and helping to keep shops moving along with speed and profitability.

We asked Jimmy about the BobCAD-CAM software functionality and here’s what he had to say… “BobCAD provides a product that is intuitive for the user. After using the training CDs, the user is able to build files with precision. This precision maximizes the materials, the size of the product, and the tool being used to cut it. BobCAD also enables us to nest our files, saving us huge amounts of money. Prior to cutting, the Mill simulation feature allows us to see how the final product will appear. This enables us to catch our mistakes in a simulation and not on an expensive piece of material. It’s like a warm blanket that provides the comfort of knowing the cutting is going to go well. Once cut, the precision of the items leads to quick assembly and unmatched quality.” Jimmy continued, “Bottom line… If a customer calls me with an emergency build. I am generally able to write the code, cut the materials, clean, coat and assemble the item in a single day. I challenge anyone else to say the same. BobCAD-CAM makes it possible!”

navy-seal-trident made with bobcad-cam One project that they had completed was this Trident which they made for a retired Navy SEAL who was part of the national space program, specifically the Skylab program. “BobCAD-CAM enabled us to make a fitting piece,” said Jimmy. They created the piece on a plasma table out of 1/8” stainless steel, then clear coated it, and set the piece on mahogany.

In addition to the BobCAD-CAM software, the BobART add-on they also use allows them to turn pictures into vectorized 2D geometry that can then be used for machine toolpath or even CAD surfaces or solids. BobART has many other artistic type features for embossing and debossing, working with and creating custom textures, wrapping and so much more. BobART software allows the artist to freely turn their ideas into machine toolpath and real parts easily. Architectural Renaissance Techniques continues to thrive as a custom manufacturing business making unique parts with special meanings behind them. BobCAD-CAM is proud to be a part of their business.

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CAD-CAM Software Helps Manufacturer Make Inspirational Products
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CAD-CAM Software Helps Manufacturer Make Inspirational Products
Architectural Renaissance Techniques uses BobCAD-CAM software to make inspirational parts for their customers. Read about it here.

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