BobCAD’s V31 CAM Software Plunge Roughing Routine Makes It Easy to Remove Hard Material


As many of your out there know, a good way to quickly rough hard material in a plunge roughing operation. There are many benefits to implementing this approach and BobCAD’s new V31 CAM software offers users multiple ways to accomplish this for 2-5 axis part programming.

Plunge roughing quick, efficient way to remove that tough material when programming deep pockets or angle surfaces in BobCAD’s CAM software.
A great way to tackle this programming challenge is with 2D plunge roughing. This toolpath comes with their Mill Standard package and utilizes 2D boundaries to contain plunge moves.

Users will apply ‘control over step increment’ and use a wireframe boundary for control over where toolpath is made.
2d plunge rough in cam software
2d plunge rough in bobcad cnc software
The 2D plunge roughing function is very similar to a pocket toolpath, using a boundary to control where the toolpath is created.
So, when would you need to use 3D plunge roughing? If your part geometry has tapered walls or angled surfaces, then it is a good idea to implement the aforementioned roughing.
3 axis plunge rough in CAM software
3 axis plunge rough in Bobcad cam software
2D plunge roughing and 3D plunge roughing share a similar workflow, but instead of a boundary being used in 2D, users select 3D models to create the 3 axis plunge roughing function. Stepover and user-defined direction of cut amounts just like a 2D plunge rough; but what’s the difference? The difference is the model is used to define where plunge moves are made vs your 2D boundary that dictates where toolpath is created.

This is a commonly used toolpath for users doing hard milling where they want to keep the tool pressure up and into the side vs the side pressure that is made when using a pocket cycle.
For more options and better control over your plunge roughing routines, utilize BobCAD’s surface-based toolpaths. Users will have the option to convert any path into a plunge rough routine.
BobCAD users that have Mill Premium or multiaxis will have the option to convert surface-based toolpaths into a plunge rough routine using our their roughing tab.
cam software surface based roughing
This is where you can see the options that are presented in the V31 software for users to convert their surface-based toolpaths into a plunge roughing toolpath.
surface based plunge rough in CNC software

If you are interested in trying plunge roughing from BobCAD-CAM’s latest CAD-CAM software, download a trial HERE!

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