BobCAD-CAM V30 Multiaxis Milling Provides Absolute Control


Upgrades to Multiaxis Milling in BobCAD-CAM V30 has brought some strong improvements to an already strong CAM software. Automation and unsurpassed control are some defining qualities of these latest enhancements to our 4 & 5 Axis machining CNC software. Multiaxis Milling from BobCAD-CAM gives machinists their best products possible, no matter the size of the job or shop.

The latest features in our 4 Axis Standard are giving users more control in fewer steps. We introduced an option to apply an Adaptive Stepover, something that was a great help in other 3 Axis Toolpaths. In one, smooth operation, steep areas that would normally cause gaps in the Toolpath are filled with additional passes to maintain consistency with the rest of the Toolpath.
Rotary Adaptive Stepover
In this next enhancement, let BobCAD-CAM work for you. Improved sequencing options for Cross and Multiaxis Drilling operations provides users new, highly effective ways to maximize the efficiency of the sequence. No matter what type of Drilling or Tapping type you choose, you can always manually pick the geometry in whatever order you want it machined or let BobCAD-CAM do the work and find the next closest hole for you! Just one more way we made our CAM software more simplistic.
Multiaxis Drilling
In 4 Axis Pro, new improvements were made to your retract options. Users can now control the tool’s entry and exit plane for their rapid feed and distance. Users can input a desired Plane Angle to change the direction the tool approaches and exits. This new feature is most useful when machining with undercut tools like lollipops and T cutters, where engagement is normally from the side and retracting straight up is not wanted.
Tool Plane Rapid Distance
Mill 5 Axis Pro enhancements in the latest CAM software from BobCAD-CAM gives users greater control than our previous CNC software releases. Some of these features you really have to see to believe, like our enhanced Multiaxis Roughing. With its new updates, we support Rotational, or periodic pocket geometry. This ensures that overlap is avoided and smooth movements are produced.
Multiaxis Roughing
Another strong feature we installed gives users an incredible amount of control over the range of tilt during machining. This clever function sets itself apart by allowing users to simply define the start angle and the end angle, and the tool will gradually change the tilt between those angles.
Lastly, the Automatic Clearance Area function in this CAM software is making life a lot easier for machinists and hobbyists alike. The system automatically determines the clearance area type, position and dimension, keeping the most suitable setting for each pattern. This neat feature moves us a step closer to one-click machining.
We know our customers are busy each day, meticulously machining parts with zero margin for error. The reason BobCAD-CAM has been in business for over 30 years is that we craft our CNC software with our customers needs in mind, as well as coming up with proactive solutions to problems that don’t exist yet. We are so confident in our product that we invite you to try a free demo today and experience the difference yourself.

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