BobCAD-CAM V30… Greater Control, Less Steps


BobCAD-CAM V30 is our most powerful and user friendly software to date. Machinists will immediately notice improvements to geometry selection, ways to program parts, and a Toolpath Editor that allows unprecedented control over the whole toolpath, a portion of the toolpath, or even a single entity of the overall toolpath. Fewer steps while programming means quicker cycle times, paving the way for greater productivity and revenue for shops looking to stay competitive.

3 Axis Premium
The new 3 Axis Premium module is a must have for our 3 Axis customers that require the best possible surface finishes with unsurpassed control. This includes 8 additional surface based toolpaths: parallel cuts, cuts along curve, morph between 2 curves, parallel to multiple curves, project curves, morph between 2 surfaces, parallel to surface, and flowline. Flowline and blended toolpaths, along with the ability to do undercutting, is just the start in this new module.
Revamped CAD picking gives users greater control over the selection of geometry and the result of the function. In the past, getting the order of the selection wrong would usually result in canceling and reopening the function to try again. Our solution? Picking managers for the selected geometry. These list boxes have controls to delete geometry or even reverse chains and adjust the order of the selected geometry when necessary. Users now have an easier way to edit and correct selections for design. Additional enhanced CAD functions include single chain picking for chamfering and filleting, new Sharp Corner Offset option, multi-line text alignment options (left,center or right), and a Scale Sketch Handle tool for adjusting part sizes dynamically. These improvements were designed to dramatically speed up design work.

Multiple drill sorting options gives users new X, Y, and custom direction sequencing options.

Multiple CAM enhancements in BobCAD-CAM V30 combine together to produce seamless productivity that can’t be matched by similar or older software versions. Geometry extension and trimming for 2 axis machining allows users to extend out or trim back open profiles, allowing for common adjustments to the cutting geometry without ever using a CAD tool. Multiple drill sorting options gives users new X, Y, and custom direction sequencing options, and a new ‘reverse each operation’ option to track back along the path of the first operation. Manually select geometry or let BobCAD-CAM find the next closest hole for improved drilling efficiency and reduced cycle times. Additionally, Lathe toolpath trimming to stock and stock tracking are other major contributors to faster toolpath programming and reduced cycle times. Trim to stock for trimming away unwanted portions of the toolpath and stock tracking to automatically update the operation stock; air cuts have become a thing of the past in BobCAD-CAM V30.
System enhancements in BobCAD-CAM V30 now offer new licensing control and network licensing. Users can now handle the licensing of their software without ever having to make a phone call, whether they have internet or not. With new email activation, the user can simply download the request file from their PC without internet connection, emailing in the request file from a PC with internet connect. This new control can even be done outside of BobCAD-CAM office hours! Network licensing eliminates purchasing a licensed copy of the software for each individual workstation. Instead, licenses only need to be purchased based on the number of stations you may need active simultaneously. Those licenses are stored on the server and and available from any connected station, unified by a single login and password. Just another way BobCAD-CAM has made their software more user friendly.
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