BobCAD-CAM Releases Latest CAD-CAM Software: V31


BobCAD-CAM announced on August 22, 2018, that their latest software, V31, is available for sale to the public. V31 stepped away from the antiquated toolbars and layered menus of the old Windows applications and breathed new life into the software by integrating a modern, Ribbon-style user interface. Not only is BobCAD-CAM’s Version 31 release introducing significant power for both the CAD and CAM side of things, they also upgraded the entire customer experience to be more intuitive and modern.

“We here at BobCAD are super excited to unveil our latest BobCAD-CAM V31 to the public. The most noticeable change will be the brand new user interface which utilizes the more modern ribbon bar style found commonly in most of today’s applications. This is such a vast improvement in the user experience over the previous versions for existing customers and new users alike,” says Greg Myers of BobCAD-CAM’s developmental team. In order to reduce mouse miles as much as possible, users will notice significantly fewer steps to get their g-code and start machining. Let’s explore some of the new things that people will be gaining with this new CAD-CAM release.
Redesigned User Interface
BobCAD hit hard with this modern, intuitively organized, ribbon-style user interface. Logically grouped functions are more easily discovered in V31, sporting both icon and text labels for buttons. The new contextual ribbon includes every function needed to complete the job. Users of all levels of experience will find this interface much easier to use.

Construction Geometry (CAD)
New construction lines make creating geometry easier than ever, allowing you to toggle lines on and off as needed. While on, construction lines will assist users with finding horizontal & vertical, tangencies and more!

New Geometry Creation Workflow (CAD)
With over 20 new features in the CAD interface, BobCAD users are able to utilize multiple creation methods from a single feature when designing. Furthermore, utilize BobCAD’s selection manager for aid in the design process, getting more done in less clicks. Goodbye mouse miles!

Dimensioning (CAD)
Get better dimensions faster and easier than ever before with this latest CAD enhancement. Get dimensions from surface edges, endpoints and wireframe with the added ability to create multiple types of dimensions at one time. Leader arrows with notes make sure you never get lost at any point in your design.

Advanced Feedrates (CAM)
Users will find that they will be maximizing their cutting feedrates with independent lead-in & out settings, volume-based feedrate mapping and chip thinning feedrate mapping. Get more done in less time with these feedrate enhancements.

Drag Knife (CAM)
The new Drag Knife function in V31 gives users the ability to utilize backplot and simulate the cutting motions, as well as applying angle threshold for swivel action. Personalize your software with user-customizable tool settings, making it simple for you to access your cutting strategies for cardboard, vinyl, leather and other thin materials.
New Patterns for Advanced Pocket and Advanced Rough
Utilize 5 additional cut patterns that reduce cycle times and deliver better part finishes. Take advantage of the Morph Spiral toolpath to reduces/eliminates direct link moves when machining or start with an initial pass away from your finished wall with offset-in.

Advanced Z Level Finish linking Enhancements (CAM)
The first thing users will like about these round of enhancements in V31 is the ability to control the tool starting location. Control your CAM with user-defined values or pick from the graphics area. All of these new additions to V31 in the name of controlling tool witness marks and their locations with ease.

Multiaxis Posting Enhancements
Setup & operator friendly G-code output for 4 & 5 axis posting.
• Transform Planes Output (G68.2 and comparable)
• Origin Tracking for HAAS DWO or similar output
NC Editor
Standard editor with more features that are easier to use. Users will benefit from colored text, feeds and speeds override and a calculator built into the software. With a baud rate of up to 115,200 & backplot and solid simulation with dynamic viewing, the V31 NC Editor is sure to be a welcomed addition to all.


To try the latest version of BobCAD-CAM CNC software, download your trial HERE.

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    Looks good I’m running V30 can I please be sent a link to download V31 we have a service agreement.

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