5 Simple Ways to Keep Your CNC Shop Successful


When it comes to running a machine shop that is productive and profitable, there are a few different ways to achieve that. They range from the obvious to the not so obvious; maybe you even have your own secret recipe for success. Whatever the case may be, below are 5 simple tips to keep your CNC shop turning and burning!
Knowledgeable CAD-CAM Engineers
It’s no secret that finding experienced, qualified machinists are dwindling. The younger generation is less involved in manufacturing, leaving a void. This is why it is so vital to have a CAD-CAM engineer with experience, eliminating the pain of the learning curve. Operators with experience can accept more, complex jobs, which will hopefully, in turn, create a customer loyalty.
Simulation Before Cutting
Simulating your part being cut prior to machining can be the difference between a great final product and an expensive mistake. Damaged parts or machines means lost profits. Users also benefit from running part deviation analysis, providing a color-coded analysis of where the tool didn’t reach or went too deep. Stick to simulation and you will be running at peak performance.
Post Processors That Work with Your Machine
In most cases, software packages, like those from BobCAD-CAM, will include a variety of post processors for the most common machine types. This is important because your post processor will drive the format of the g or m-code instructing your machine. Users with unique machines that differ from standard output requirements will usually need a custom post processor built. Not sure how to build one custom? Let the professionals at BobCAD build it for you!
Employing the Best Toolpath
Most modern CAD-CAM systems offer high-speed trochoidal type Toolpaths which reduce stop-and-go tool motion. Machinists are also able to make deeper cuts at higher speeds. High-speed machining comes in handy for reducing cycle times, somewhere between 40 and 70 percent. This reduction in cycle time will allow the machinist to produce more with less time. Still not enough? Implement REST or Re-Machining for a faster, more intelligent machining strategy. The controlled arc of engagement is less stress on your tools.
Creating Repeat Customers
Probably one of the strongest forms of advertising comes in the form of customer referrals. A.k.a. word-of-mouth. People that are satisfied with the work that you do are more likely to relay that positive experience to others. This helps establish a brand loyalty and you are more likely to get repeat orders, maybe even a customer for life!

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