10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using CAD-CAM System Simulations


CAD-CAM System Simulations: Break pixels, not $100,000 machines

Every machinist has experienced the negative impact of a machine collision or part gouge. Simple programming errors can amount to some pretty complex shop problems and bring productivity to a halt.

CAD CAM System Simulations CNC ProgrammingWhether you’re machining complex or simple parts, there is always the possibility for error. Gouges and collisions can be caused by any number of reasons including improper tool selection, fixture set up, or the more likely cause is a simple programming mistake. Depending on the severity of the collision or the value of the tool, the cost of programming errors can add up to pretty significant sums between repairs, replacements, and time-lost machining.

The fact is many these programming errors are avoidable. CAD-CAM System Simulations have advanced tremendously over the last 10 years. Take BobCAD-CAM’s software for example, users of their software program the CAD-CAM system simulation with the actual machine specs from their shop. This way, the software provides as accurate of a simulation as possible when identifying potential collisions and gouges. Within the CAD-CAM system simulation, the user will actually see their machine while it processes their part.

It used to be that simulators were only available with the expensive CAD-CAM Systems. Today, that isn’t the case. Affordability combined with advancements in computer hardware and graphics capabilities have made quality simulators accessible to job shops of all sizes.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Use CAD-CAM System Simulations:

  1. Identify machine-part deviations – this will show you where tools were unable to machine within the associate operations and left material on the stock.
  2. Accurately calculate cycle times
  3. Check for part errors – including machine, tool, and tool holder collisions
  4. Utilize your machine’s kinematics to visually see your machine tool in action
  5. Set up an unlimited amount of virtual machines that match the machines in your shop
  6. See exactly how the part will look cut on your machine at any point during the machining process
  7. Assign transparency levels to your machine for complete viewing control
  8. Use dynamic viewing functionality for better inspections
  9. View and proof cut paths from any angle
  10. Set machine travel limits and detect over travels

CAD CAM System Simulation Deviation AnalysisThe big picture benefits include less time wasted on programming errors, fewer parts scrapped, and general peace of mind knowing that you control more of your machining process.

The time savings and efficiency benefits offered by CAD-CAM System Simulations are too valuable for any CNC machining shop to pass up. This technology is vital to ensuring that a shop is as productive and profitable as possible.

CAD/CAM CNC Software Simulation from BobCAD-CAM, Inc.

For information on how you can implement CAD-CAM System Simulation software, contact BobCAD-CAM, Inc. at 877-262-2231 or 727-442-3554.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using CAD-CAM System Simulations
Article Name
10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using CAD-CAM System Simulations
CAD-CAM system simulations allow small and large shops to increase machining efficiency, productivity and profitability. The affordability and ease of use make this technology a must have for all CNC machine shops.

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